Naser Mirzaei


As a Software Developer or, to be more general a Software Engineer, I experienced different work situations, teams, and projects. Each one had some good and bad points, in my opinion. Work is an important part of our life as a coder, developer, software engineer, or what else you name us. Most of us work for more than common work hours, and I think it’s not just some hard workers that work hard; Our work is as the same as our hobby!

After (or even before) the coronavirus pandemic, most employees have the chance to work from home. So, working hours became almost meaningless. Also, bad economic conditions put pressure on the people. Then…

We started to work for multiple companies simultaneously! 😶

These days I see more and more people that work in multiple companies, Or even some freelancers that overwork!

I was (and still am) one of them. First I fell into the trap of a decision (a long story), then I was tempted by more income 🤑

Most of us say to ourselves that we can work and earn more, why not do that?

But after some months, I realized it was not worth it.

We know the number 1 reason for multi-job is earning, and other reasons are rare. But will we really achieve this goal by this action?

Quick Answer: “Yes” in short term, “No” in long term.

What will occur if you overwork in more than one job?

  • Yes, you earn more than usual!
  • You have job safety (what does it mean for a developer!!!)
  • You get more experience because you work in 2 different environments.
  • You have less free time to live, spend with family, or have fun.

Why do you want to earn more money? You can’t afford your expenses? You want to earn now and spend in old ages?

You have less time to read and learn new skills or technologies to improve yourself in work because you always work and can’t put more time and energy to explore new things.

You can’t be devoted to a project if you love it. Most of us have the chance to find the project that we are working on amazing and invest more time and energy in it, and enjoy it! Keep in mind work plays an important role in our life, so it’s better to work on what you love, not less than it.

You don’t (can’t) put enough energy and focus on the project, so you are less efficient than your degree, so the employer has to hire more people or even produce products with a lower quality. Then, it’s not a Win-Win game. every action like this leads to Lose-Lose in long term.

Human is enough idiot to think they are smart!

But what if we stick to one job and choose another solution?

What if we make ourselves more worthy for the company and get promotions and earn more?

Maybe some of you say that who knows our value!

I can tell you just change your current situation. Find your paradise or make your current location a new paradise. We did it once, Believe in me!

If you work just in one job, you have more time. So, you have more chances to start a side project. Side projects are awesome! you learn a lot from them, and they grow you faster and make you deserve to have some labels like: senior, etc. Everyone should be paid for what they deserve.

No conclusion 😁

I hope reading this helps you to decide better on choosing the way. Also, always it depends. Maybe you have a different experience and disagree with me. For example, I have a little freelancing experience and can’t say my opinion about them. By the way, it’s my experience and my decision 🙂