A Developer Manifesto


Here I want to show what tools and standards I use in my work life (also the other part of my life). I will describe why I use them. I hope my description would help you to select them or not.

Why not? Maybe my reasons to use a tool is your reasons not to use them ;)

Code Editor

I used to develop by Jet Brains tools since 5 years ago. These IDEs are perfect and great to developing fast and intelligent. However, they eat your system memory and also need a fast hard disk! About less than 1 year ago, I started to use VSCode because of some advantages:

VSCode is free

VSCode is totally free and open source. Jet Brain tools aren’t free and I need to pay for them. But it’s a bit hard for me to pay! Yes, here is Iran and International Payment is hard. Also, their price in Rial is expensive for us.

All languages in one IDE

As you know, you can code all languages in one IDE named VSCode. Before, I had to install most of Jet Brains products to use different languages. For example, GoLand for Golang, WebStorm for HTML and JS, PyCharm for python, and etcetera.

Light IDE

Jet Brain is really a big memory consumer like Google Chrome and you can’t leave them open for next day, or you need to restart the IDE or the whole OS. But VSCode is light and consume less memory and don’t use system resources for indexing all time.

to be continued…

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