Treat Your Love Like Your Social Friends

You have many friends. boys, and girls.

Also, you may have a boy/girlfriend or husband/wife.

Most people have heavy argue with their partner, but simpler argue with their friends! Why?

Because partners expect from each other. Yes, this is the only thing that causes to a heavy argument in couples.

We have long life friends, but our relationship with our love is about six month. Many girls/boys were our social friends, but when they became our love our relation broke.

Why we can be in a long relationship with our social friends with short annoyance; but we cut with our love very fast?

Recently I engaged (congratulate myself). I was in the relationship with my love from February (2018). When our relationship became serious, our argument increases. So, we imagine that we aren’t fit together. But that was a mistake. Our expectation from each other was high.

I decided to decrease my expectation and enjoy my relationship.

Now I’m happy and every day that comes, make me happier in my relationship. When we get in trouble, I behave with her like a social friend in expectation and like a long life wife in love. So, everything gets better. There is no heavy argument, no annoyance, no huff, because there is no over-expectation.

Use this simple trick to have a better relation.

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